Brought to you by BP 3-4 May 2016. Melbourne, Australia
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Over two days the Summit will cover 8 sessions in the Game Changer agenda.

Day 1 Day 2
08:00am Registration Open 08:00am Doors Open
08:45am Opening Address/Housekeeping
1. Mapping the Market 5. Safety Solutions
Leveraging data to predict the future Technologies to enhance safety
Session Powered By: Truck Lite Session Powered By: Volvo
09:00am Gary Beecroft, Clear 08:30am Carl Johan Almqvist (Volvo)
09:30am Dr Peter Hart, ARTSA 09:00am Don Leone, Vicroads
10:00am Expert talk with Gary & Peter 09:30am Expert talk with Carl, Don & Glen Fulton, Murray Goulburn
10:30am Morning Tea 10:00am Morning Tea
2. Trailer Technology 6. The Key to Culture
The secret evolution of an overlooked asset Why people define industry success
Session Powered By: Knorr-Bremse Session Powered By: SAF-Holland
11:00am Iffet Turken, Kaessbohrer 10:30am Brendan Richards, FH
11:30am Peter Sijs, TIP 11:00am Phil Bixley, Fonterra
12:00pm Expert talk with Iffet & Peter 11:30am Expert talk with Brendan, Phil & Tim Stewart, Razor
12:30pm Lunch 12:00pm Lunch
3. Applied Innovation 7. Digital Disruption
Technologies to enhance competitiveness How digitalisation is transforming transport
Session Powered By: BP Australia Session Powered By: Seeing Machines
01:30pm Rachel Johnston, BP 01:00pm Charlie Macdonald, Telstra
02:00pm Nick Hutchin, Lion / Adam Wade, Lion 01:30pm Ken Kroeger, CEO, Seeing Machines
02:30pm Expert talk with Rachel, Nick & Tim Walker, Truck Lite 02:00pm Expert talk with Charlie, Ken & Mike Robertson, Engistics
03:00pm Afternoon Tea 02:30pm Afternoon Tea
4. The Power of Policy 8. Outlook
Why regulators will be shaping the future Predicting the Future of Logistics
Session Powered By: Vic Roads Session Powered By: Razor International
03:30pm Sal Petroccitto, NHVR 03:00pm Gerard Waldron, ARRB
04:00pm Chris Koniditsiotis, TCA 03:30pm Andrew Higgins, CSIRO
04:30pm Expert talk with Sal, Chris & Noelene Watson, ATA 04:00pm Expert talk with Gerard, Andrew & Chris Koniditsiotis, TCA
07:00pm BP Legends Night

As with our previous ARTSA Leaders Summits, a detailed report on discussions will be provided to delegates after the event. The program is subject to change and will refined as the event comes closer.